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Vision Statement
We will craft a wine with elegance, balance and complexity that will stand the test of time!

Mission Statement
Johan Vineyards LLC will be a purveyor of the highest quality fruit and wine with a commitment to its employees and to the environment.

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The Vikings sailed most of the North Atlantic, reaching west to Iceland, Greenland and Newfoundland, south to North Africa and east to the Middle East, as looters, traders, colonists, and mercenaries. Like his forefathers some 1,000 years earlier, Dag Johan Sundby, a native Norwegian, came to North America in 2004 seeking a new life. The descendant of a long line of tillers of the soil, young Johan sought to sink his roots deep into the Willamette Valley, to make his mark on the ancient Pinot Noir grape. Inspired by the legendary vineyards of Burgundy, he sought the ideal terroir, finding it in the similar latitude and climate of Oregon. Driven by New World optimism and youth, he is anchored by Old World values and a fierce determination to make premium wines that will stand the test of time.

Our Logo     back to top
Excavated in 1904 from the burial mound of a Viking queen, the Oseberg ship was a luxurious pleasure vessel built circa 800 A.D. Constructed by the greatest shipbuilders in the world, it is the finest example of artistic craftsmanship of the Viking Age. From the waterline upward it has decorative carved friezes of beasts of symbolic and magical significance. The Oseberg ship may be viewed today at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, Norway. For Johan Vineyards, the Oseberg ship represents a dedication to quality.

The World Tree     back to top
A representation of Yggdrasil is found across the top of our home page. The mythical ash tree Yggdrasil (“The World Tree”) rose through the middle of Viking heaven, called Asgard. Yggdrasil, the symbol of life itself, was said to have three roots. The first stretched to the seething cauldron in which life originated; the second was nourished by the Well of Knowledge; and the third sprang in Asgard. Yggdrasil was the pillar around which all Norse worlds revolved, and both Maypoles and Christmas trees may hearken back to it. For Johan Vineyards, Yggdrasil represents the tireless effort to exploit the greatness of Pinot Noir.

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Dag Johan Sundby
Nils Dag Sundby

Tasting Room Manager
Stacy McGinnis

Viticulturist / Winemaker
Daniel J. Rinke



The Johan Vineyards Team

Quick Facts     back to top

AVA:  Willamette Valley, Oregon.

Terrior:  Van Duzer Corridor. Soils are marine sedimentary, primarily Helvetia and Santiam.

Vineyard Elevation:  180 to 380 feet.

Farming Practices:  Organic and Biodynamic®.

Wines Produced:  Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Vin Gris (Pinot Noir Rose) Grüner Veltliner, and Blaufränkisch. All wines estate grown, produced and bottled.

Winemaking Style/Goals:  Elegance, balance, complexity, ageability, and true to terrior.

Case Production:  2000 (moving towards 2500 cases)

Physical Location:  4285 N Pacific Highway, Rickreall OR 97371

Phone:  866-379-6029

Fax:  503-623-9663

Contact:  info@johanvineyards.com



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