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Our Sparkling Wines



Johan Vineyards Estate Petillant Naturel 

Pétillant Naturel is a method of producing sparkling wine by bottling the wine during the primary, alcoholic fermentation to capture the carbon dioxide that is being naturally released (also referred to as “Methode Ancestrale”). This sparkling rosé was made from all estate-grown, biodynamic certified Pinot Noir grapes.  The fruit was picked relatively early, at lower sugars and higher acidity. The wine fermented in a stainless steel tank before it was bottled at the tail end of its primary fermentation.  It is unfiltered and contains lees.

Our White Wines


2011 Chard Vis

Johan Vineyards Estate Chardonnay Visdom

.The Visdom (wisdom in Norwegian) bottling is a study of secondary and tertiary aromatic development in Chardonnay. We like to think of this wine as something that resembles flat Champagne. With extended aging prior to bottling we see a decline in fruit and an increase in vineyard expression. After 18 months of barrique aging the wine is bottled with a small amount of lees to allow the wine to stay in contact with the yeast taking advantage of the complexities that develop with late stage yeast autolysis.  This wine was barrel fermented with native yeasts in French Oak (33% new) and sur lie aged for 18 months where it was allowed to finish malo-lactic fermentation. It was hand bottled unfiltered and bottle aged for another 7 months prior to its release.



Johan Vineyards Estate Chardonnay Konkret

The Konkret (concrete in Norwegian) bottling is an isolation of our old vine Chardonnay planted at the base of our vineyard.  There is a mineral expression that we love here that requires a unique approach to the winemaking to encourage its expression. The juice is fermented in concrete tanks and transferred to special built Feuillette (30 gal) barrels for aging.  Bottling is done without the lees to preserve the impression of stones and flint.


Pinot Noir Estate front

Johan Vineyards Estate Gruner Veltliner

Gruner Veltliner has so much to give. The varietal character is intense and highly unique suiting itself perfectly to hands-off winemaking methods. There is a range of fruit maturity with which this grape can be harvested to lend itself to different styles. The resulting wines can vary from lean and herbal, to highly textured and exotic smelling depending on the vineyards ability to ripen the fruit. Our site produces fruit that wants to be rich and exotic producing significant texture for its meager alcohol levels. We prefer this style for our own taste and encourage it by aging the wine in oak casks for 10 months with full solids.  This Grüner is made entirely from our estate-grown grapes. The grapes were crushed and destemmed before given a four-day cold soak prior to pressing. It was barrel fermented with native yeasts in 500 liter French oak barrels and sur lie aged (without stirring) for 10 months.



Johan Vineyards Willamette Valley Pinot Gris

The Pinot Gris is our only wine made from purchased fruit. We prefer to pick on the earlier side of ripeness to retain as much acid as possible in the final wine while still promoting ripe flavors.  Neutral French oak barriques are used for primary fermentation and aging.  While the neutral oak will not add any oak flavors, it will allow the wine to breath during fermentation, which adds to mouth feel by increasing texture and richness. The wine was further aged in neutral French oak for six months and allowed to partially go through malolactic fermentation for balance.



Johan Vineyards Estate Pinot Gris “Drueskall”

The Drueskall (grape skin in Norwegian) is an Orange wine made from the Pinot Gris grape. Our goal is to craft a wine that has the structure of a red wine combined with a full range of tertiary white wine aromas. We continue to refine the vinification of this wine, incorporating both concrete and oak vessels, with the duration of skin contact ranging from 10 to 30 days. The pressed wine then ages for 15 months in the absence of sulfur to encourage its wild nature. Bottling is done by hand without fining or filtration.

Our Red Wines


Pinot Noir Estate front

Johan Vineyards Pinot Noir Estate

The goal behind the Estate bottling is to make a wine that is representative of the whole farm.  We achieve this on a micro scale by selecting small parcels of fruit from every combination of rootstock/scion, slope, soil profile, and vine age on the property. We then vinify, age, and bottle this wine separately from our other lots. This bottling is always the most representative of the growing year as it incorporates fruit from the whole farm.  It is the most accurate representation of Johan Vineyards’ terroir.


08 Pinot Noir Nils

Johan Vineyards Nils Pinot Noir 

The Nils bottling was created out of an interest to capture a specific expressionfrom our estate fruit. With the Nils we seek power through weight and extract. This is where our personal preferences begin to merge with the terroir of the vineyard. Our highest pitched East-facing slope produces the most concentrated fruit on the property. We select the best rows at the peak of this slope to produce this wine. This slope provides the dark fruit and earthy base notes of the Nils bottling.



Johan Vineyards Pinot Noir Three Barrel

The Three Barrel bottling is the result of an annual barrel selection process.  The blend is comprised of our three most alluring and exotic barrels from the vintage.  Every year we end up with a few barrels that express particular aroma and flavor characteristics that are beyond our comprehension.  We choose to bottle these barrels separately to isolate and preserve the unique aromas and flavors.

Farmlands Pinot Noir_hq

Farmlands Pinot Noir

This Pinot Noir is made entirely from our own biodynamic certified, estate grown fruit at Johan Vineyards. The grapes were fermented in small batches using only native yeast – for both primary and malolactic fermentation. During primary fermentation the cap was punched down two times per day, by foot. The wine was then pressed off and barreled down into French oak barrels, where it aged for 9 months. The Farmlands Pinot Noir is young, vibrant and juicy, with good structure. No additives – like enzymes, tartaric acid, cultured yeast, malolactic bacteria, isinglass, tannins, gelatin, egg whites or copper sulfate – were used crafting this wine.

— The wines displayed above are annual bottlings that form the foundation for our winery.  Vintages do change and we do keep some library wines available for purchase.  If you are interested in placing an order for the wines above, or have any questions regarding alternative vintages, please contact us by e-mail at info@johanvineyards.com or by phone (866)379.6029.